Our Manager

Mr.George Samuel

At the very outset, it is my proud privilege to greet you with warm prayerful best wishes and choicest showers of blessings from the almighty God. In today’s fast changing worlds, there are many distractions for students, it become essential that students get education which enables them to steer through the challenges of life successfully by treading on the path of righteousness.

We at Baldwin School, endeavor that students are thought skills, values and technics that provide them with the learning experience, which enable them to access with wealth of knowledge as they grow up and become responsible citizens .

To quote the former president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam,”Dreams are not those you get when you sleep, but dreams are those that don’t let you sleep.” and “The great men were not great when they were born, but made themselves great by dreaming of their vision and by persistent learning.”

Keeping this in mind, children are exposed to plethora of activities for their judicious all-round development by amalgamating the modern technologies.
With the same motivation toward our vision for our Educational Institution and the students those who study there, I would like to encourage principal and the staff of the Baldwin Co- educational extensive school, Kolar.

Also I would like to apperciate our beloved Bishop N.L.Karkare and Madam Kamal Karkare for their unique leadership and their guidance to our institution at large.

I wish that our good God bless Baldwin School reach new heights of achievements and grow more from strength to strength.
I wish the principal, staff and students, the very best and hope each of you will be a gift and contribution to the growth of our institution.
I wish great success and bright future to all our students.